AlphaWallet is an open-source Ethereum Wallet for users and businesses. I joined the team in 2019 without any prior knowledge about blockchain, web3 and cryptocurrencies.

We had an established native iOS and Android apps, which was the first TokenScript-compatible wallet. To better understand it, TokenScript is a programmable smart token interface. It allows token issuers and other trusted authorities to enrich a given token with a wide set of information, rules and functionalities. We wanted to create a benchmark for open source wallets, where the TokenScript framework becomes an industry standard.

Travelbay is a Polish travel website with first-hand recommendations. Travelbay is to travel what IMDB is to movies. I founded and bootstrapped Travelbay in 2019. Since then, I grew the user base from 0 to 1.8 million unique users in 2022.

I was responsible for the UI design, UX, project management, search engine optimization, illustrations, tokenization, creating a business model, and pitching to investors. To me, this was the best battlefield for learning new skills, constantly making mistakes, and learning from them.

Smart Token Labs (from Australia) is creating a new standard for a tokenized future. They’re building composable smart token bridges. Bridges from tomorrow to today. I was working for Smart Token Labs for three years on multiple projects including Devcon, Edcon, Liscon, Tokenscript, Brand Connector, Brand Extender, Cofix (decentralized exchange), and AlphaWallet website (with an advanced SEO, try “open source wallet” keyword).

Total Trivia is a website and app where you can win real items and discounts from your favorite brands by playing trivia. I was hired by Total Trivia to create prototypes, wireframes, to conduct user tests, and to design the user interfaces and user experience for the iOS and Android apps.

ChatQ is a chat message app built for traders. It has the standard functionalities for chat apps with some customizable features tailored for investors.

Our goal was to make a conversation about finance easier than ever. To achieve this, we decided to build iOS native app with chat functionalities, where users could customize bots to feed them with market insights and events. Some of these bots could be personalized.

Sinergia is a web app created to backup files. I was hired to design a dashboard with data visualization and multiple charts. The most challenging part of the project was translating really complex data into visual charts. I used scatter charts, bubble charts, column overlap chart, histogram chart, bell curve, and classic line chart.

Evently was one of the largest Event planning websites in New York City. The project was initially designed in 2015, then refreshed in 2017, and again in 2023. Every stage of the redesign was built in different software (Photoshop, Sketch, and Figma).

With the latest design, I wanted to use the entire space on large desktops. Minimal design with bold typography and a lot of white space was the key. I did not want to distract users from vibrant images and make them feel hungry.

EscrowX is a web3 concept, that I planned and designed as a side project. Long story short this is an escrow on blockchain. EscrowX is a smart contract where a buyer and a seller deposit the funds of a transaction. The deposit is released when both parties confirm it. No paperwork. No bank account. Just two crypto wallets.

Cofix is a decentralized exchange (DEX) I made for Smart Token Labs. To design it right, I had first to understand the mechanics behind the DEX. Especially the relations between liquidity and mining pool. That involved deep maths, which I spent the first week of planning. Along with the design of a dex, I made a few designs for analytics.

Japan Rail Pass has hired me to make a full redesign of their website and to draw and design a set of custom icons and illustrations. My passion for traveling and the fact I am really experienced traveler helped a lot in the research part.