Brate is a Polish web app that makes planning a trip easy. I founded and bootstrapped this project in 2019. Initially, it was a side project that I was developing after working hours. In 2022 it reached 1.8M unique users only in Poland (5M uu since 2019).

How can a side project become one of the largest travel websites in a country like Poland? Well, I am an experienced traveler, so I was curing my own pain points while establishing this venture. It was a great battlefield for me, the best opportunity to learn new skills, make hypothesis, validate them, iterate, and try over and over again.

ChatQ is a chat message app built for traders. It has the standard functionalities for chat apps with some customizable features tailored for investors.

The idea came from a group of traders from Singapore that were using Telegram and Facebook Messenger to share thoughts about market trends and events. They found it very limiting in many ways. So, as it always, one of them came up with an idea for a native chat app tailored for investors.

AlphaWallet is an open-source Ethereum Wallet for users and businesses. I joined the team in 2019 without prior knowledge about blockchain, web3, and cryptocurrencies. I caught up very quickly.

We had an established native iOS and Android app, the first TokenScript-compatible wallet. To explain, TokenScript is a programmable smart token interface. It allows token issuers and other trusted authorities to enrich a given token with a comprehensive set of information, rules, and functionalities.