Sinergia is a web app created to backup files. I was hired to design a dashboard with data visualization and multiple charts. The most challenging part of the project was translating really complex data into visual charts. I used scatter charts, bubble charts, column overlap chart, histogram chart, bell curve, and classic line chart.

ChatQ (from Singapore) hired me to design a social investment app for the Japanese market. After intense UX research, I’ve created more than 270 screens, 30 user flows, 90 icons, and 50 avatars. I’ve also conducted dozens of user tests and made many micro-decisions which led us to the fastest growing chat apps in Asia.

Zielonamapa is one of the fastest-growing travel startups in the Polish market. I built this project from scratch from the UX research, persona creation to applying a gamification system and SEO optimization. In 2020 it was sold to Estonian private limited company.

Veezoo is the first conversational artificial intelligence solution
to analyze and visualize company data in seconds. I was hired via Toptal to create a website design from scratch. The goal was to create a visually pleasant website tailored for four specific target groups.

Total Trivia is a website and app where you can win real items and discounts from your favorite brands by playing trivia. I was hired by Total Trivia to create prototypes, wireframes, to conduct user tests, and to design the user interfaces and user experience for the iOS and Android apps.

Landing Pages I made between 2011-2017 as a freelancer. Their look is a bit oldfashioned, but I learned a lot while designing them. Some of them are not even responsive. But who thought about responsive web design in 2013?

Japan Rail Pass has hired me to make a full redesign of their website and to draw and design a set of custom icons and illustrations. My passion for traveling and the fact I am really experienced traveler helped a lot in the research part.

Cypton is licensed digital asset exchange. You can buy and sell your cryptocurrencies with ease. I designed 10 dashboards with rich data visualization and charts. I followed the atomic design methodology.